Tour with Olie Brice quintet this May/June 2016:


Alex currently also performs with

Michael Janisch’s Paradigm Shift – large UK tour September/October/November 2015

Alex Bonney Quartet: with Jeff Williams (drums), James Allsopp (clarinets) and Olie Brice (bass)

Leverton Fox: with Sam Britton (laptop) and Tim Giles (drums)

Golden Age of Steam: with James Allsopp (sax), Tim Giles (drums), Kit Downes (keys), Ruth Goller (bass)

Splice: with P.A Tremblay (bass), Robin Fincker (reeds) Dave Smith (drums)

BABs: with James Allsopp (bass clarinet), Olie Brice (bass)

Tom Challenger’s Brass Mask:

Tom Challenger (Tenor Saxophone, Alto Clarinet)
Dan Nicholls (keys)
George Crowley (Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet)
Alex Bonney (Trumpet)
Rory Simmons (Trumpet)
Nat Cross (Trombone)
Theon Cross (Tuba)
John Blease (Percussion) with P.A Tremblay (laptop/bass)

Duo with Dave Kane (bass)

and various other impromptu musical meetings…..